Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
Languages Supported:
All messages are configurable!

I decided to start donating every month 20% of the profits of that month from all of my resources to charity or other campaigns. This month, October, I will donate the money to https://www.alzinfo.org/!


SuperiorSkyblock is a modern Skyblock core that brings many tweaks and changes to the old and lovely Skyblock game-mode. The core is optimized and it's designed to fit your needs.

Want to see the plugin in action before purchasing? Join SB2.BG-SOFTWARE.COM!


• It got really beautiful islands!
If you didn't realize by now, it's a Skyblock core. Islands and all of the other basic features are included... However, the plugin is packed with lots of pre-configured menus, messages & schematics - this is what I call "drag and play"!

• Really rich API - even Elon Musk can't afford it.
Your developers can deeply breathe now, as they don't have to fork ASkyblock anymore for you. The plugin is packed with a rich API so you can add your own custom systems, commands, Economy systems and more (you can even replace the built-in Island objects of the code with your own ones!). Trust me, you will not need the source code to make your own Hypixel's Skyblock replica with the API.

• It's blue, sonic is blue - don't you get it?
The core has proven itself already by being used on large networks with hundreds of players on SOTW without lagging. Island creation uses a built-in optimized system for placing blocks really fast, async chunk-loading support for Paper and general optimizations to the core itself. If sonic is not quick enough for you, then what about the speed potion?

• Tons of config files, your server won't be able to handle them all!
Ok, you got me - I lied. Your server will be able to handle them all, but trust me - there are a lot! Every aspect of the plugin is configurable, including menus and the plugin's command itself! (/cell might better fit your server) Unlimited missions and upgrades, external missions handling, multiple language support and many more features to make your own style of Skyblock.

• It's not free... but it's superior!
For $9.99 only, you can get yourself a fully functional and modern Skyblock core, packed with dozens of features and get new features added to it every-day! I am sure you don't mind spending less than 10$ so your players can have a better experience... Also, 20% of earnings go to charity, so why not also helping others?

• The best support you can get. Oh, and that's for life!
Are you also tired of the complicated ticket-systems that require you to fill huge forms instead of getting straight to the point? Then you can take a deep breath, as we don't have one. We have a really modern and efficient ticket system that is handled on our Discord Server! All you have to do is verify (fully-automated verification system), click on an icon - and you have a one-on-one conversion with me and the team!

• Still not convinced? Have you seen the reviews section...?
The plugin has 1,500 unique customers, and it's only growing. Have you heard about the 'wisdom of the crowd'? Then 1,500 people are not wrong! Check a few of the recent reviews, and you'll fall in love with the plugin as others have already been.

You can read more about SuperiorSkyblock on the wiki page!



Thanks to PebbleHost for providing us with a testing server! Check them out now!