Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
Languages Supported:
English, French, Polish (partial), Simplified Chinese (partial)
QuestCreator version 6 is in BETA.

This version is not completely stable yet, and should be entierly tested before release on production servers. It went through an alpha-testing on my Discord server to eliminate most critical bugs. Now, I'm releasing this version publicly to accelerate debugging, since it's already been too long !

Please report any critical problem through a ticket on my Discord server.

Bugs will be processed in batches and I'll try to release one patch per week. I can also send the new builds on Discord to avoid useless waiting time (to verified users).

Please click this link to read about changes, migration instructions, and warnings.

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Do what you want.

This is what QuestCreator allows you to do.

Huge quests for your RPG project. Complex stories with advanced dialog branches, a different experience for each player. New adventures for your Factions-based network. Weekly challenges for your SkyBlock server. Farm objectives for your Prison server.

Or just any kind of mechanic, here and there ; you don't even have to make a quest. Teleports ? Rewards ? Animations ? Random event happening while you wander in a certain area ? Some kind of weird machine ?

When you have loads of incredible ideas, the most frustrating thing about it is that you have to spend a lot of time and/or money to implement them. But time and money is limited. Plugin configuration often limit you in your creative process.

Those limitations are no longer relevant with QuestCreator. You can do anything you have in mind. The plugin doesn't limit you in your ideas while being a lot less expensive than hiring a developer, and gives you the most control of what's happening.

From the simplest mob-killing or block-farming objectives to the most complex quests with multiple concurrent objectives, player choices, and influence, it will more than likely fit your specific needs.

What do users say about it ?

read all reviews here - I don't answer to reviews anymore but I still appreciate them!


Key points of the plugin :
  • More than 150 object types : from breaking blocks, shooting projectiles or fishing, the possibilities are endless. Each quest can have an infinite amount of objects. You can even use PlaceholderAPI to define your own custom objectives.
  • Create and edit quests in-game, with detailed descriptions, controls and features that make it easier.
  • Complete, fully understandable and easy configuration system for each quest, if you don't want to use the in-game editor.
  • Quest pools : easily create daily/weekly/monthly/... quests, with selections of random quests or groups.
  • Dynamic scoreboard/actionbar/title/... system to display your active quests. [​IMG]
  • Configurable GUI system for your players with advanced configuration for every item, such as submenus, quests, quest groups, commands, etc.
  • Define custom circumstances to start your quests They can be started by multiple events (automatically, by entering a region, interacting with an NPC, etc).
  • Quest points : manage different categories of points for every player, with ranking GUIs. [​IMG]
  • Coop quests : 1, 2, 5 or even 10 players can progress the same quest together.
  • Even further, you can create individual branches inside your coop quests, so that only some players in the coop quest can trigger actions and progress their own objectives for themselves!
  • Players can influence their quests and make their own story through his progress in your server, thanks to per-player variables. The quests completed by the player or the choices that they make can have an influence on the current quest or even future quests.
  • You can easily manage different branches and paths, and also create secondary objectives (additional or mandatory ones).
  • Most settings inside a quest can contain placeholders. This means that the per-player customization can go really far : you can adjust difficulty level per player, create hidden objectives for some players only. The same quest can have a completely different story for every player!
  • Most settings inside a quest can contain math. Combined with placeholders, this is the ultimate way of customizing settings for every player.
  • Group quests together so they can have an order or a limit of active quests per group.
  • Global elements. You can create them once and reference them anywhere in the plugin. An efficient way of keeping all your settings in the same place instead of copy/pasting them 10 times in the quest configuration!
  • Limit a quest for a number of players simultaneously or by different criteria, such as permission node, world restriction, required items or custom conditions.
  • Cinematics for your quests!
  • Checkpoints for your quests!
  • Functional quest models, to create custom mechanics using QuestCreator features without having to create an actual quest.
  • Save player data (and quests) on disk or configuring a MySQL database.
  • Particles above activators when there are quests available for a player.
  • Auto-cancel inactive quests / auto-start quests, on some conditions for example / cooldown for quests / ... etc, there are a lot of minor settings like this. Check the documentation!
  • If you stop the plugin (reload, restart or stop your server), or if a player disconnects during a quest, everything will be paused, and resumed where it was left on the next start/reconnection.
  • Active community discord and support!
And more! Numerous things haven't been listed in this list. Check the documentation to see a list of objects for example, or come and ask some questions in my discord! :D


You can test all of my plugins on my test server! For QuestCreator, this is mainly to test the in-game editor and commands.

IP : guillaumevdn.mcpro.io
Updated as often as possible to the latest Spigot version.

You're opped when you join it, and your bank account is updated to its maximum limit. The configurations files, data and userdata is reset when you disconnect if there's no-one else. There is Essentials, Vault and Citizens installed as well.


Here, you can find more details about the plugin features.

Link to the documentation

The fundamentals of QuestCreator : beginner's tutorial (scroll left to see all pages)


Introduction to QuestCreator 6+ by me (advised to watch for new users) :

Spanish tutorialby @Maximiliano :

Tutorial introducing to the structure of quests :


In order to work correctly, this plugin needs Java 8 (or above), my GCore library (included in the zip file) and any spigot version marked as supported on this page.

Always use the latest minor version : for instance, if you're on 1.9, use 1.9.4. Also, keep in mind that this plugin was developed and tested under Spigot. Other implementations are not guaranteed to work, even though it's generally not a problem (for instance, PaperSpigot works fine).

You can configure the plugin in the QuestCreator storage.

I advise you to start reading the documentation with The fundamentals of QuestCreator (scroll left to see all pages of the tutorial).


By buying and using this plugin, you agree with the following points :

  • (1) The license can be read here. In summary : you are allowed to install and run the plugin, and use its features, if you bought it, for your network. You are not allowed to decompile, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute or sell copies or portions of the plugin.
  • (2) Purchases are final and no refund will be made, under any circumstance. If you start a PayPal dispute, (a) you will lose access to the resource (this is a SpigotMC rule) and (b) I will not accept it and contact PayPal to sort it out.
  • (3) One purchase = one server/network. If you have a BungeeCord network (or any variant), you can use the same purchase on all servers connected to it. However, if you have another, separate server or network, you need to purchase a new copy.
  • (4) You agree and confirm that, even without buying the plugin, you have access to all the documentation, explanations and support (you can contact me before buying to ask any question). By reading documentation before buying, you are also aware that this plugin is not 'plug-and-play' : you need to learn how it works and invest some time to master it. Do not buy it just to start a PayPal dispute the day after because it's "too complicated", it happens too often and is just a waste of time, for you and for me.
  • (5) You agree that you will only use the 'reviews' section only to give your fair opinion on the plugin and not to get support or to suggest things. Do not leave unfair reviews with errors or problems, it's simply annoying.
If you have any question regarding anything, see links at the top of the page to get help or report bugs, and I'll be glad to help! :D

I'd like to thank many users for their investment in the community Discord, in particular 踢米米, zemoz and Lordinouille, as well as a bunch of others <3
Thanks to the donators : Lordinouille, TomLaVachette and Hellcode48!
Thanks to Ing1011 for making a video tutorial for the plugin!
And thanks to everyone for your support, ideas, bugs report and patience!