Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
Languages Supported:
English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Russian, Portuguese & Simplified Chinese (8 languages)




In diifference to other "antibot" plugins, we achieved creating a viable performant plugin that its capable of handling a lot of connections per second, filtering them, blacklisting them in seconds, while your players are allowed to join the server.

When an attack starts, if the attack is so slow the antibot won't even enable, it will just perform slow-checks on bots, ending kicking them and blacklisting them.

In case the bot attack is fast enough, the plugin will activate antibot mode. Your users that played more than 2 minutes in the server before, will be able to join without doing anything, if a not-known (new) player joins during an attack, he will be able to easily and fastly do a google captcha, and he will be able to join your server within 10 seconds, as he will get inside the global BotSentry whitelist. The antibot has been tested with 
attacks up to 20.000 bots per second in BungeeCord and Spigot and it was like if nothing was happening, you can see those tests in our videos.

We had carefully found a way to stop the really popular and new attack methods, usually called "Bad-packet Attacks or NullPing attacks", those attacks consist into sending garabage to your server (not real bots), so the BungeeCord and Spigot sends and logs an ugly exception, this, plus the fact that the attack can be fast, can generate up to 3.000 exceptions per second.

BotSentry will prevent this type of attacks without even blacklisting the IPs that send those packets and exploits. This feature has been strongly tested to be able to afirm that we are the only Antibot fixing this type of bot-attacks out there. You can attack our official test server, which IP is down this page, sending all type of attacks.

Bad-Packet Attack without BotSentry:


Bad-Packet Attack with BotSentry:


After a long research of posible checks to ban the most number of bots in minor time posible, we achieved what all other Antibots are dreaming of achieving. Our actual blacklisting system is capable of mitigating a very strong attack in less than ten seconds without any lags or delays.

With our 
internal blacklisting system, you will never notice that an attack is going on. You can configurate which system command will the plugin execute when blacklisting/unblacklisting an IP.

By default, BotSentry will not use this internal blacklisting feature, as most of the servers are running inside containers and are not able to execute commands in the system. You can enable this in the config file.


Are you tired of trying to join a Minecraft Server that is getting bot attacked and seeing a message like "Hey, we are getting bot-attacked, wait a few minutes to join", or you try to join and it blacklists you like if you were a bot, but you are not? Then, you came to the right place.

Even BotSentry will blacklist the 99% of the attacking IPs in the first 10 seconds of attack, during the few seconds of lockdown, the user will be able to whitelist himself by completing a cool 
google captcha, of course, hosted by us.

We suggest you to make a subdomain pointing to the URL, like we did with (https://notbot.es) to make it easier for your users to verify themselves, or you can simply use a URL shortener.

Most probably you will want to customize that website to give it your personal look, then, we also offer you the option to do so, you can customize the website so easily and keep it still hosted by us. You can configurate the look of the website and generate a custom large link here:


  1. Unique and exclusive checks
  2. Netty and Bad-Packets attack preventing
  3. Internal bans to blacklist IPs thru the system directly
  4. Multiple BungeeCord (Redis) instances support
  5. MySQL support
  6. Support for Velocity Proxy
  7. Really smart % system to differentiate between players and bots
  8. 100% configurable and translatable in all aspects
  9. Public API to get information regarding your server or general information
  10. Developer API to make custom integrations easily and well-explained
  11. Custom verification website for your players to be able to join during a really strong attack
  12. No setup requiered, just drag and drop into plugins folder
  13. Stopping speed attacks with more than 30.000 bots per second
  14. Stopping slow attacks with even less than 6 bots per second
  15. Stopping the really known bypass attacks from Minebot
  16. Your real players will never get blacklisted, in case they do, they can simply and easily whitelist themselves thru the verification site
  17. Very optimized and lightweight, less than 500 kb
  18. FastLogin API implementation to check bots before fastlogin checks performs
  19. Country check to avoid certain countries to join your server during attacks
  20. Avoid all bots from registering
  21. Really detailed logs to give us total control and know what happens in all attacks
  22. Console message filtering to avoid spam
  23. Automatic and configurable Server logs clearing, BotSentry logs clearing, Blacklist clearing and Whitelist clearing
  24. Automatic antibot enabling and disabling, always hearing connections
  25. Actionbar notifications to see stats of the current attack
  26. Lot of cool commands and statistics from the attack in-game

  • /botsentry help - See all available commands - botsentry.admin or botsentry.monitor
  • /botsentry on/off - Activate or deactivate antibot mode manually - botsentry.admin
  • /botsentry apipassword (password) - Creates a password to use the public api and the Panel - botsentry.admin
  • /botsentry notifications - See stats about the current attack int he actionbar - botsentry.admin or botsentry.monitor
  • /botsentry blacklist <ADD:REMOVE:CLEAR:CONTAINS> (ip) - Blacklist actions - botsentry.admin
  • /botsentry whitelist <ADD:REMOVE:CLEAR:CONTAINS> (ip) - Whitelist actions - botsentry.admin
  • /botsentry stats - See plugin statistics like Blacklisted IPs and Check queue, for example - botsentry.admin or botsentry.monitor
  • /botsentry reload - Reloads the configuration - botsentry.admin

In our official panel you will be able to see a lot of statistics about your server, including the attacks received and real-time statistics!

Check it out at: https://cyberdevelopment.es/panel/



Too much features, right? Well, we have even more... We have a Public Discord Bot, with this public discord bot you will receive message in DM and in your discord server when someone attacked your minecraft server, with stats about that attack. To make use of the bot, you have to add it to your Discord server and the bot will send you the instructions!

Click here to invite the discord bot

Some Screenshot of the Discord bot:


Are you a Developer and you want to make custom implementations to our plugin? We built a really cool and extensive API so you can make everything that is inside your mind with the plugin!!




Typical questions regarding the public web api

How to get an API Password?
You can set an API Password by doing the command /bs apipassword {pswd} in your server to set a password.

How to get your server IP-PORT?
You can see your server IP-PORT by doing the command /bs stats in your server

How many requests can i make to your API?
Our API is limited by default to 1 requests every 1 second per IP. If you need more requests, you can contact us in Discord to raise that limit.

You can find all the Public Web API Queries and their specifications here:


Extra table with the most blacklisted countries and the quantity of IPs blacklisted of it:

Do you think the antibot doesn't fit your needs? You can test it out in our 24/7 opened Test server.

Thanks a lot to ElectroNode.org to mantain our Test Server opened!


VERSION: 1.8-1.16


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