Languages Supported:
All messages configurable in messages.yml
ajQueue is a queue plugin that will prevent players from spam-joining a server, or will queue players when the server is full/restarting

- Separate queues for each server
- Priority queue feature (with infinite layers)
- Per-server priority queue (also with layers)
- Will say the server is restarting, or offline if offline for more than 2 mins (configurable)
- All messages are configurable in messages.yml
- Can replace the /server command
- Actionbar with queue position
- Can be used in guis/npcs (install on spigot too)
PlaceholderAPI placeholders
- Ability to pause queues (to temporarily not sent players)
- Permission to only allow joining from certain servers
- Permission to skip the queue
- Server alias to display your servers differently (e.g "Event A" instead of "event-a")

This plugin requires a bungee server!
If you try to install it only on spigot, it will do nothing.

- Put jar in bungee's plugins folder.
- Restart bungeecord
- Use /move or /queue
- If you want to replace the /server command, read this
- If you want to use the move command from the spigot side (clicking npcs, clicking items, etc) just install the same jar on spigot

- Give priority queue players the ajqueue.priority. permission node. See the priority queue wiki page for more info
- (optional) Install the plugin on spigot servers to make the actionbar work

If you did not replace the /server command, I recommend you deny players access to the /server command to prevent them from bypassing the queue

Plus features
Some features that are not in the free version
- Permission to skip the queue
- Priority queue levels
- Server aliases (e.g. Event A instead of event-a)

/move <server> - Join the queue for <server>
/queue <server> - Join the queue for <server>
/server <server> - Join the queue for <server> (requires setup)

/leavequeue - Leave any queue you are in.
/ajqueue reload - Reloads the configs (required permission: ajqueue.reload)
/ajqueue list - Lists players in queues and shows total player count in queues
/ajqueue pause <server> - Pause/unpause the queue for a server
/ajqueue <player> <server> - Puts a player in a queue (required permission: ajqueue.send)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or issues with the plugin, please contact me on any of the below methods:
Spigot PM
Spigot discussion section
(Discord is preferred and the quickest way to get a response)

It is much easier (and usually faster) to contact me for support in one of the above areas. Discord is the fastest way to get support because I get instant mobile notifications.